It ain’t about health. It’s about money.

It ain’t about health. It’s about money.

It’s 2016. Medical marijuana treatments have been widely known for centuries. Yet pot is still illegal in most states. Why? Because there are groups lobbying against it to line their own pockets.

According to an article from Sun Times Network, these are the top anti-marijuana lobbyists who have the most to lose:

1. Who: Pharmaceutical Corporations

Why: Cannabis would offer a safe alternative to their products, potentially replacing “everything from Advil to Vicodin and other expensive pills.”


2. Who: Police and prison guard unions

Why: Ending the War on Drugs equals lower police funding for local departments.

How much spent: California Correctional Peace Officers Association gave $1 million to “the campaign that successfully defeated Proposition 5 in 2008”.


3. Who: Private prison corporations

Why: The more people incarcerated, the more companies like Corrections Corporations of America and GEO stand to gain. According to a The Intercept article, these private prison companies donate to both conservative and liberal politicians.


4.  Who: No surprise, alcohol and beer industries

Why: They fear the competition that a safer alternative would bring.

How to fight back? Be an informed voter. Regular citizens can take a stand against wealthy groups by showing up to the polls. Currently the states of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have fully legalized marijuana for both recreational and medical use.

If you’re curious to see where your Congressperson stands on marijuana-related voting records, check out NORML’s Congressional Scorecard.

Let’s fight back!