By Rachel Namoff

Every company has a mission statement, sometimes its one of those items often thought of as checking off the box. Yeah, we have a mission… and often, that is where the energy of the mission stops.  It’s not something that is thought of as embedded in every aspect of the company.

The reality is, the mission is the nucleus of your company.  The mission, when properly energized, is exuded from every communication, every intention, every service and product.  And, because the energy of your mission is so crystal clear, your audience that will benefit from your offering is naturally drawn to exactly what you are offering.  Your sales process becomes seamless.

Our mission statement at The Cannabis Creative is: To empower you to drive effortless growth in your business.  Straightforward, attainable, effortless.  Everything we do has this statement in mind.  When we are creating content, consulting with clients, leading seminars, or speaking at events, it all comes down to this simple statement.  We are focused on driving effortless growth.

Sometimes when we are discussing this concept with clients they are a bit confused by what we are asking, but it is really quite simple.  If you think of yourself as a brand, what are the three words you would use to describe you? 

 There is often confusion because this is not something that someone has thought about before.  But once you do think about it, you can’t unthink it. It is straightforward.

Sounds simple enough, right?  

It really is.  It is the same for your brand’s mission.  Be true and the rest will follow.  Protect the intention of the nucleus and the energy will flow.