for cannabis brands ready to catapult their success.

Are you aching to tell a more compelling story about your company, product or service? Are you struggling to unlock new inspiration, gain a deeper understanding of what makes your brand special, or figure out how to create the kind of brand people love?

Then The Powerful Brand Workshop is perfect for you! 

This is an opportunity to bring together your company’s key thinkers under one roof to collaborate on positioning your brand for optimal success. The result is a deeper understanding of who you are and what your brand stands for, and a solid growth plan that better reflects your vision, values, purpose, and personality.

mission & vision

Articulate a clear vision for why you exist and what makes you unique, while determining with whom and how you will compete for long-term success.


brand storytelling

Develop an authentic and creative brand story that showcases your unique personality, inspires action, and invites your customers on a journey with you.


Take a deep dive into your idea target markets, their needs and desires and what will inspire them to become loyal customers and raving fans.


Growth Grid

Determine how, where and when to execute marketing programs and identify the right channels for an optimized 12-month growth strategy.

Many cannabis entrepreneurs and leaders struggle to articulate what their brand stands for in the market beyond generic plays like “we have the best service” and “we make the better product.” They're not clear about why they do what they do, where they want the business to grow, or how to to align, inspire and direct everyone in the company to live the brand.

In order to stand out and remain competitive, cannabis brands today need a unique story, a simple and inspiring message, and clear vision and values for your customers to rally around. When you achieve this level of clarity for your brand you'll not only experience growth, you'll also benefit from improvements in your team’s performance, alignment, consistency, and ability to bring your brand to life for your customers.

Crush the status quo and kick your brand into high gear - book your workshop today!


Cannabis Entrepreneurs & Investors

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